• The Grandparents Association

    The Grandparent’s Association has been working with and for grandparents to achieve positive outcomes for their grandchildren for decades. We were set up in  1987 by a group of grandparents whose grandchildren had been put into care, adopted from care or were not allowed any contact with them.

    We have grown into a thriving  national charity, with around 1,000 members nationwide made up of grandparents and organisations.

    Our mission is to improve the lives of children by working with and for all grandparents especially those who:

    • Have lost or are losing contact with their grandchildren because of divorce, family feud or other problems.
    • Are caring for their grandchildren on a full time basis.
    • Have childcare responsibilities for their grandchildren.
    • Are interested in the educational and welfare needs of their grandchildren.


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  • Basis

    Basis Yorkshire in Leeds and N. Yorkshire works with some of the most hard to reach and challenging beneficiary groups: female sex workers and young people that are sexually exploited or at medium/high risk thereof. They offer them safety information and support and empowering them to stay safe and to make positive choices in life. 

    Leeds White Rose Rotary Club supported Basis ( to create a video above to raise awareness of ‘Child Sexual Exploitation’.

    This video was created by our friend of Rotary, Mark Bradley at

    Further to this, Basis has recently participated in a BBC program (Victoria Derbyshire show, BBC2 and BBC News) on 12 April 2016 in regards to the ‘managed approach’ in Leeds. Amber Wilson at Basis told us: “we feel [the program] went very well, with thanks (among others) to Emily our colleague and the service users, who were brave enough to share their insights on camera and live TV as well. 

    The managed approach in Leeds had a lot of press and media attention in January, following the murder of Daria Pionko just before Christmas last year, and after all the media attention in January we were pleased to have a more human and balanced feature which included our own thoughts on it as well.  A summary of the footage also featured throughout the day on the radio, including BBC Leeds and Radio 4. It had mostly positive feedback by email and social media, and even led to a small donation from a member of the public that had heard the footage and was impressed.

    The link below is for the film that was made, which we feel represents the points of view well and in a balanced way.

    This second link is for the actual interview (preceded by a short summary of the previous film), the interview starts at 1 hr 48 into the program.

    If you are interested in speaking further with Basis in respect of supporting them, you can contact Amber on

    If you are affected by any of the issues discussed in this article, please visit the advice pages below:

    Young people:

    Historic Child Sexual Exploitation:

    Sex work project:

  • Line ham Farm

    From Monday morning when the children arrive until Friday afternoon when we say goodbye we are proud to offer young people a wonderful residential experience that has been fine-tuned over 20 years.  

    During term time we are home to primary school children from all over Leeds.  We place particular emphasis on hosting schools whose children don’t normally have the opportunity for a residential holiday and all of the activities that go with it.  We are also delighted to report that other groups use our facilities time and time again during school holidays.  They may be special needs and disability groups to visiting groups like the Chernobyl Children UK Project, our doors are open to all children, no matter their ability, culture or race.   

    Over the course of the week, each child has their own journey of discovery from learning to climb our indoor wall or the high-ropes to cycling through forest trails and night walks.  They are encouraged to push their boundaries whilst all the time being kept safe by our brilliant and experienced staff.


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