How I rebuilt my body

How I rebuilt my body

Join us for breakfast tomorrow; 7:15am at the Park Plaza, Leeds and hear from

Kevin Pratt FAFS BSc

Movement Specialist – Educated Movement to Enhance Performance and Reduce Pain

Bio: As The Movement Doctor I am one of the few people in the North of England to have studied at the internationally renowned Gray Institute. Personally this experience has transformed my life. I was a chronic pain sufferer; I endured five major surgeries and afterwards spent six months in bed recovering. I know what it feels like to struggle with movement. Now I “move and feel better” and my movement possibilities have radically changed to the extent that I have trained and competed as an amateur boxer. More importantly, I now have quality movement that will support a sustained active lifestyle.

This experience inspired me to proactivity re-educate myself about my body, I wanted to “move and feel better”. I started this process in 2007 and this continues to be part of my on-going professional development and broader philosophy of life. A significant milestone in the journey to better understand my body was attending the Gray Institute, based in Michigan. The Gray Institute is internationally recognised as the premier training provider of movement science. My study here helped me to more fully understand the principles of human movement and how these factors contribute to performance and pain.

During my time studying I was fortunate enough to meet Lenny Parracino, a faculty member at the Gray Institute, and was invited to his practice in Los Angeles to continue my development under his expertise. Through the Gray Institute mentorship and support of Lenny, I have furnished myself with the resources to “move and feel better”. This unique opportunity has enabled me to gain a skill set that allowed me to return to the UK physically transformed. I had also accumulated a substantial knowledge base and was confident that others could benefit from my growing expertise. I now have a passion for helping others to become healthy and happy through movement.