International flavour to Charter Dinner

International flavour to Charter Dinner

THERE was an international flavor to the charter dinner celebrations of the Rotary Club of Leeds White Rose when they welcomed home roving Yorkshireman, Stephen King.

Stephen left the UK 15 years ago to move to Japan where he started a successful translation service majoring in Asian languages. Having joined his own local Rotary Club in Asahikawa – West, on Japan’s Northern Island, he took the opportunity of a family visit to compare the youthful White Rose club with other, more established Rotary clubs. “Rotary clubs in Japan are more business networking whereas I find in the UK they are more fellowship and support, whilst working for common good cause,” he said during pre-dinner drinks.

White Rose club, which holds charter dinners every five years was celebrating 15 years of early starts – the club meets every Wednesday morning at 7.00AM rather than the more traditional post work dinner and was raising money for AIM Education amongst others.

Continuing its theme of being less than traditional diners were entertained with art, dance and music with best selling crime author, AA Dhand talking about his quest for publication.

AIM Education, this year’s charity, was started by former Army officer, Carl Harrison in Armley. He has since opened a second branch in East Leeds and helps young people who would otherwise be excluded from school get back into formal education.

“It has been an education for me dealing with young people, but this year we have helped 100 per cent of all our teenagers achieve GCSE pass grades,” he said.